Production Grade Ballerina Microservices on Azure AKS - Part 2: Continuous Integration With Azure DevOps

Introduction In our previous tutorial, we built a simple Ballerina microservice that returns a JSON array of Todo list items. There, we did everything manually from building the project, generating a Docker image, and pushing it to Azure Container Registry and deploying it into Azure Kubernetes Service. Although that provided you with a simple starter project, you need a production-grade continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipelines to make the shipping of developer changes to produce more reliable, repeatable, and frequent.

Production-grade Ballerina Microservices on Azure AKS - Part 1: The Basics

In this multipart tutorial series, you will learn how to write a basic Microservice with Ballerina programming language, deploy it to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and make it production-ready with features available in the Azure platform. The first installment of this series focuses on getting the simplest things done with the bare minimum effort. At the end of this post, you’ll learn the following: Objectives Write a simple Ballerina microservice that returns a JSON array of Todo list items.

My Take on Becoming Productive While Working From Home Amid the Lock Down

Photo by Anna Auza on Unsplash COVID-19 is still in the town and seems to have no plans to leave anytime soon. Hence, us mere mortals will have to Work From Home (WFH) for an extended time period for the betterment of our society and ourselves. Humankind will easily get bored when confined to a limited area and engaged in repetitive activities on a daily basis (I feel pity for the poor animals who trapped at zoo).

APIs in Time Time of COVID-19

Let’s face it. Traditional business models that require physical human interaction is going to fail soon COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing at the moment. The biggest damage it has been doing is not only the deaths, but the paralization of economies worldwide. Many countries were forced to go into a lock-down mode, restricting people’s mobility by almost to 99 percent. If the pandemic situation prevails it will lead traditional businesses like retailers, hotels,restaurants and airlines to go out of business very soon as they require physical presence of people.

Improving the Keells Experience From a Software Architecture Point of View

COVID-19 virus is in its full power and it has been attacking the entire world. While the people defend themselves with strategies like social distancing, lock downs and contact tracing, it is inevitable that the side effects of COVID-19 are on their way. Crippled supply of essential goods, food and medicine are few immediate examples. Not to mention the economic crisis and depression that are yet to come. However, we’ll never know the full scale of the COVID-19 damage until it is fully contained.