Hello folks, I’m Dunith Dhanushka!

I’m a solution engineer by profession and a full stack developer by passion. I find it is interesting to share my thoughts and experiences on a wide variety of topics ranging from cloud-native development, API management, DevOps, enterprse integration, Microservices and API securty.

This is my personal space to write about various techncial problems I encounter on a daily basis, solution architecture patterns I’ve observed in the industry, the side projects I do on weekends and some productivity hacks I practice.

The content you’ll see in this blog includes:

  • Thought leadership articles that talk about particular topics in the industry at a high level
  • Solution architectures that talk about solving architectural problems in a focused domain
  • In depth tutorials that walks you through to get a specific task done
  • Live projects with a dedicated Git repo and a screencast to teach you how to get a specific task done

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