Going Headless: An API-Driven Approach to Rethink Your E-Commerce Strategy

The e-Commerce landscape is everchanging. In today’s e-Commerce market, consumers used to consume content and make purchases through various touch points. These touchpoints vary from household IoT device to progressive web applications (PWA). Things like Amazon Dash buttons, Smart Voice Assistants including Siri and Google Home, and AI powered bots offer consumers a unique way to explore product information, read reviews and make purchases. In a digital business world, a company’s success depends in large part on its ability to create a flawless customer experience.

Alcobuddy: A Story based Approach to Understanding Cloud Native Applications

Photo by Dominik Schröder on Unsplash Let me tell you this first. This is not going to be just another post explaining the concepts of Cloud Native Application development. There’s plenty of good material out there describing what is Cloud Native Computing and the problems it’s trying to solve these days. But in this post, I’m gonna take a different approach — to be specific, a story based approach to teach you why should your organization strive to embrace the Cloud Native Application development practice.

Building a React based Single Page Application to consume an API deployed in WSO2 API Manager

Learn how to invoke a REST API deployed in WSO2 API Manager from a React based Single Page Application (SPA) with OAuth2 Implicit Grant type. In this post, you’ll build a very simple web application with React. After that, you’ll deploy the sample Pizzashack API in WSO2 API Manager and invoke it from the React app using OAuth2 Implicit Grant Type. So, roll your sleeves up and get ready to dive deeper into the code level ;)

Stop and reboot! Sometimes all you need is some quality time.

Have you ever felt in your life that you need a break? Have you got tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Have you ever felt that all of your creative juice just got dried up? If the answer is “Yes”, well, you need a reboot… We live in a society where we do most of the things according to a routine. Like waking up, taking your children to the school, commute to work, eat, sleep, etc.