Have you ever felt in your life that you need a break?  Have you got tired of doing the same thing over and over again?  Have you ever felt that all of your creative juice just got dried up?

If the answer is “Yes”, well, you need a reboot…

We live in a society where we do most of the things according to a routine. Like waking up, taking your children to the school, commute to work, eat, sleep, etc. Doing these on day to day basis will put you in a system in which getting out of the system will have some weight attached to it. Maybe it is your job that demands more availability. Maybe it is your hectic daily commute that consumes more of your quality time. Likewise, we all have this unavoidable reasons that keep us flying the same holding pattern.

We got to fly the holding patterns whether you like it or not.

But my belief is adhering to a routine will block out your windows to the creative world. Just think of you are in a fast moving train and you see a puppy playing alongside the road. You would to pet that puppy, but the train is moving and making it impossible. So you need to get off that train.

If you think of your mind as an engine that powers all routine activities, well, it needs some greasing on its wheels. It must go under timely maintenance. The reason I’m making these points is that having mini-reboots in your life will definitely help you to become a better person than the one you used to become yesterday, at least a one step ahead.

What is a reboot?

So what do you mean by having a reboot, a mini-vacation, or a stopover in your life? If you look at the image below, you’ll see sediment with clear water.

That is an exact portrayal of your mind. More calm and clear it gets, you’ll become much stronger, creative and stay focused on your course. Not only that, having a strong mind will help you

forgive someone,  be creative with your work and come up with very cool ideas,  accept criticism, look back your past and identify the stupid things you have done and correct your course accordingly, slowly detach from your ego, etc etc.

Show me how!

There are couple of options you can utilize to have mini-reboots in your life. I have listed few. But these are highly subjective and could vary with your personality. But I’m sure that at least one of them will help you to become a better person than the yesterday.

  1. Have some quality time with your family, friends and loved ones.
“man beside a boy while holding playing cards” by Rhone on Unsplash

For a day, allocate at least one hour to be with your loved ones, despite your busy schedule. Cook dinner with them and have it together. Ask how each others day went. Play with your kids. Plan out a BBQ in the weekend, catch up with your buddies. All these things will help you to express yourself to someone. That could be your wife, parents, kids, your best friend or the guy you met in the pub. All you need is a living object that listens to you. Wouldn’t it better to talk to human rather than looking at a device?

2. Read, listen.

“assorted book in book shelf” by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

If you can secure some time to read a book, that’d be wonderful! Because reading broadens your vision and it will add more juice to your “think tank”. You don’t have to read while isolating yourself from the rest of world. But you can listen to books as well. If you have a long and boring commute, you better be listening to an audio book. If you have lengthy flights and feeling jet-lagged between them, take a book with you.

3. Write.

“person writing on paper” by rawpixel on Unsplash

Writing is the best companion of the reading. If you read 1000 words, you can write or speak ten times that amount. I have personally witnessed this. The best thing about writing is it help you to streamline or focus your thoughts. Usually, the morning hours are best for writing since your mind is clear and stay focused at that time. Nowadays, the technology has grown handsomely so that you don’t have to “write” on a paper. But you can type on a device. You can choose whatever options as you think fit.

4. Travel like a vagabond

Source http://keepcalmandwander.com/sri-lanka-pidurangala-rock-in-sigiriya-and-wore-my-rainbow-wig/

When the weekend hits, pack your backpack and go on that trip you’ve been planning. I live in Sri Lanka and we got to have quite a good number of long weekends per year. So plan something with your friends and family. That could be a long drive across the country or a flight to another country or a hike to an area that is off-the-grid. The more you are disconnected from the grid, is better. Travelling relieves your stress. It’ll teach you stuff, make connections and the best, it’ll create memories. When you are in your death bed, you can remind these memories and be happy. Not the balance in your bank account :)

5. Enjoy some quality music/movies.

“closeup photography of vinyl record in vinyl player” by James Sutton on Unsplash

Get your phone/tablet/laptop loaded with some quality music. These days, quality music is getting cheaper and affordable, thanks to many Internet services. So listen to music and it’ll definitely help you to stay focused during the day. Go out for a movie in the weekend or watch it at home with your family. But don’t be an addict. Do it with short bursts!

6. Walk/Run/Workout

“woman running on painted wall” by Melody Jacob on Unsplash

When you feel like you are done for the day, go for a short walk or a run, if the weather permits. If you can get used to this as a daily routine, you’ll never feel like getting rid of it. It’s addictive. In personal experience, a walk or a run can bring in additional energy and focus to spend the rest of the day. Make it a habit. You won’t regret it!

7. Sleep like you mean it

“man lying on bed beside short-coated black dog” by Claudia Mañas on Unsplash

Yes, we all need good sleep to rest our internal systems. Have a good night’s sleep at least twice a week. If you can make yourself available, just hibernate like a sloth bear. This will give you adequate physical energy that your systems need.

Well, it’s been a lengthy post. But if you can at least grab few points I have highlighted, you’ll never regret. I can vouch for that.

Life is short. Enjoy while it lasts!!!

Written on September 30, 2018 by Dunith Dhanushka.

Originally published on Medium